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Book Description

In 1939, 13-year-old Zbigniew learns how to survive in then eastern Poland, today Western Ukraine, when WWII breaks out.

As the war progresses, he is caught between Nazi-German oppressors, the resisting Polish Home Army, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, as well as Soviet guerilla, with bullets and bombs flying all around him. Through his memoirs, he tells a story of survival, being captured and sent to work camps, escaping, and of falling in love.

It's an honest tale of the effects of war, which still resonate today in that part of the world, and a must-read if you want to understand the background of the geopolitical issues facing Ukraine and Eastern Europe in 2022. 

It also includes...

- Foreword by BARTOSZ GRODECKI, Polish Undersecretary of State of the Interior

- Illustrations created by a
Ukrainian who lives in Kharkov, and has had to flee from her home because of the invading Russian Army. The city was last taken over by the Russians in 1943.

See her testimony below:

"...We lived in Kharkov. My house was on the outskirts of the city in the direction of the Russian Federation. On the morning of the 24th (of February 2022), we woke up from the fact that bomb explosions were heard around... and the windows were shaking. After days of bombing, with difficulty... and in despair, we left the city."

-Viktoriia Riabova, Illustrator for The Polish Prince 

Major historical places/events experienced first-hand in this non-fiction book:

 - Invasion of Poland (Sept. 1939) 

-  Russian secret police deportations 

- The German invasion of the Soviet Union 

- 1941 NKVD Prison Massacre 

-Sosenki Forest Massacre, The Rovno Ghetto  

- Massacre of Poles in Volhynia by the UPA

- Dresden Bombing (Feb. 1945)

- Prague Uprising (May 1945) 

- Treblinka (post-liquidation)  


These events, along with many, many more, continue through to observations of the post-war reality, which was equally as challenging as the times of war. 

(Coat of Arms of the Czetwertyński Family​)

Attribution: Bastian

Wiki Creative Commons License 1.2

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The Journey So Far


   Thirty years ago, my mother's grandfather wrote his experiences in his memoirs, adding up to a full book. Unfortunately, he never managed to publish his work, and he eventually passed his writing onto my mother to translate it into English, but she never managed to complete the task.

As I grew up and heard snippets of stories, I gradually become curious. Eventually, prompted by my father, I became engrossed in wanting to read his memoirs.


In 2018, my close family all visited my mother's grandfather, and I told him about my newfound interest. As a result, he passed on the book to me to take care of his legacy, and gave me his blessings to change his story however I saw fit.

During my following summers in England, I worked with my mother to translate it in full, and then my next job was to verify its historical accuracy, then turn it into a sequential story that could be read by anyone. 

It has just been published by Patrycza, my mother, in the UK, and is being distributed to the US and worldwide! 

NOTE: we are seeking representation in order to tell this story on a large scale. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. 

     In November of 2018, my great grandfather passed away. To you Zbyszek: Thank you for presenting me with this opportunity. I hope I can make you proud of what this has become, and what it will be. 

- Polo Altynski-Ross 

Great grandson


Zbigniew Janczewski

Polo and his Great-Grandfather 


(In Poland) 

June 2018

Not in the USA and want to read this book?
Not to worry! 

The book is available globally. Just search up "The Polish Prince WW2" and it will appear distributed in your country, almost wherever you are.